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                For Lauren, creating birth art was a natural progression from her beach lifestyle art when she became pregnant with her first child at 23. Lauren had always made natural choices for herself and that didn't change when she decided to give birth at home. After a traumatic transfer to the hospital, she suffered the repercussions emotionally for years. Four years later Lauren went into her second home birth- humbled, strong and capable. It was the beautiful gentle water birth of her dreams! When Lauren became pregnant with her third child two years later she searched for a quick and easy way to stay positive and feel empowered during her pregnancy. When looking for some affirmation cards for birth preparation, she found nothing, she knew it was her calling! Lauren saw first hand how much support we need as women during vulnerable times in our lives. From her own experiences she created a Worldwide sensation- 42 Positive and Empowering Affirmation Cards for Pregnancy and Labor. After Lauren’s third daughter was introduced, Lauren had very challenging time balancing three daughters in the crazy pace of life. Which in turn inspired her to create 52 Positive and Supportive Affirmation Cards for Mothering and Breastfeeding!              Since opening an online shop in early 2015, Lauren has received tremendous positive feedback inspiring her to expand her business globally. These amazing Affirmation Cards have been shipped all over the US and globally to UK, Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Aruba, Mexico, and Italy.
Lauren was LIVE on FOX 5 Morning Show San Diego! Check out the link below...  

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