Breastfeeding Affirmations New Mothers Support Affirmation Cards by The Renegade Mama


52 Positive and Supportive Affirmation Cards for Mothering and Breastfeeding! These cards make a great gift for any Mom! They provide support for Breastfeeding and the first two years after baby is born! One card for each week of the year or use them daily! They come shrink wrapped and in a tuck box. Please message us if you have any questions!

These amazing and magical affirmation cards ship out via first class mail in recycled packaging.

If you are interested in purchasing them at a wholesale cost, please see our listing for 10 decks here-
If you are international, we suggest ordering a large quantity (over 10) because it seems to be larger savings.
We also have a listing for 10 deck of Pregnancy Cards and 10 decks of Mothering cards here-

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