WHOLESALE- 10 Decks of Birth Preparation Cards with Visuals and Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy, Labor and Nursing by The Renegade Mama


Affirmation cards offer support and help reprogram negative thoughts and reaffirm postive and helpful thoughts to build confidence in pregnancy, labor and nursing!
This listing is wholesale order for 10 decks of affirmation cards for pregnancy and labor!

This deck of 42 Positive and Empowering Pregnancy Affirmation cards come shrink wrapped and are 3.5"x5.75". One card for each week of pregnancy! Women have been them to place around their home, clothes pin to twine for decoration at a baby shower, decorate their birth space with all positive saying or give as a completely unique gift!

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Since creating this deck of affirmation cards a little over a year ago, they have tremendous feedback and have shipped to over 15 countries with over 1000 decks sold on Etsy, TheRenegadeMama.com and Wholesale. You can read all the wonderful feedback on our other Etsy shop- LaurenTannehillArt.etsy.com


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