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Positive Messages for Kids, 52 Engaging Playful Affirmation Cards
Generate meaningful dialog and teach our youth to love themselves, while caring for our environment and others, with these playful and positive messages. This deck of cards, created just for kids, offers confidence building tools that reaffirms your child’s positive inner voice. Create a fun, daily practice of connection as you discuss power words and phrases that your child will carry with them throughout their life. Recommended for, but not limited to, ages 3-10.
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Since creating our first deck of affirmation cards (Pregnancy & Birthing) a little over two years ago, they have tremendous feedback and have shipped to over 26 countries with over 5000 decks sold on Etsy,, Amazon and Wholesale.

In a world where obesity and prescription medications are at an all time high, how do we offer emotional support and teach our children how to love themselves?

While school can teach our children how to follow rules, count and read. It does not teach them how to value themselves, value their own unique expression, how to make healthy choices or that they can achieve anything in life. Sometimes as parents we get so caught up in correcting our children, when do we create time and space for positive encouragement or reaffirming positive verbiage that our children can use forever? Kids Affirmation cards were created to fill this gap!

Kids Affirmation cards are designed for children ages 3 to 10 and can be a great way for parents to introduce and practice positive self affirming verbiage. With 52 cards in the deck, you can use one for each week of the year or pick one for daily use!

Investing in Affirmations for Kids is like making an investment in our future. Our children are tomorrow's leaders. Let's nurture peace, self confidence, self love and healthy lifestyle.


Let your children pick an affirmation while waiting in line to drop off at school or before bed. You can say the affirmation aloud or to yourself while looking at yourself — a very powerful technique. It opens the option to elaborate on a topic explain further or share your own experience, which can help create a safe and comfortable space to discuss more than just homework and chores. These are just a few ideas and they work in our family!

How do Affirmation Cards Work?

"Anytime you have low expectations for your performance, you tend to sink down and meet those low expectations, Self-affirmation is a way to neutralize that threat." said lead researcher Sonia Kang, an assistant professor of organizational behavior and human resource management at the University of Toronto.


You’ve heard about “affirmations” since the dawn of the Stuart Smalley. They’re those “I statements” that go something like this: I am grateful. I am lovable. I am open. Proponents of affirmations say—without reservation—that they work, releasing you from years of pent-up fear, pain, and shame. But is there any real science to back this up? The answer is unequivocally: yes.


Evidence-based research shows that affirmations, like prayer, actually change the brain on a cellular level—in other words, what you think about matters—a lot. “Thoughts have a direct connection to your health,” says Dr. Joseph Dispenza, author of Physics, the Brain and Your Reality:

“Thoughts make a chemical. If you have happy thoughts, then you’re producing chemicals that make you feel happy. Negative, angry thoughts and fearful thoughts also produce chemicals to make you feel how you’re thinking.”

Neurons connect in your brain by attaching to thoughts and memories. Thoughts then become organized into a “pattern” or “neuro-net”. For example: The feeling of love is stored in a very large neuro-net. Each person builds his/her concept of love from many different ideas and experiences. Explains Dispenza:

“Some people have connected love to disappointment; so when they think about love, they instantly experience the memory of pain, sorrow, anger—even rage. Rage may be linked to hurt, which may be linked to a specific person, which then is connected back to love.”

In other words: brain cells that “fire together, wire together” And the more you feel a certain way, the more these nerve cells develop a long-term relationship.


Affirmations interrupt your maladaptive neuro-nets. And the more you use affirmations, the more those nerve cells that are connected to each other (i.e., firing together), start breaking the long-term relationship with your negative thoughts, literally re-wiring to your new, affirming beliefs. Science calls this neuroplasticity. So that’s the science. And there’s plenty more to back up these claims.

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