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The Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids offers 52 vibrantly illustrated and playful daily messages, designed to generate meaningful dialog and teach our youth to love themselves, while caring for our environment and others. This vibrantly illustrated deck of cards, created just for kids, offers confidence building tools that reaffirm your child’s empowered positive inner voice. Create a fun, daily practice of connection as you discuss power words and phrases that your child will carry with them throughout their life. Recommended for, but not limited to, ages 3-12.

Sometimes as parents we can get so caught up in correcting our children, that we miss creating time and space for positive encouragement and reaffirming positive verbiage that our children can use forever. The Kids Positive Affirmation cards were created to fill this gap!

With 52 cards in the deck, you can use one for each week of the year or pick one for daily use! Our children are tomorrow's leaders, peace keepers, and creatives. Together, let us nurture self confidence, self love and a healthy lifestyle.


Let your child pick an affirmation while waiting in line to drop off at school or before bed. At the breakfast table, or over dinner. Take them on your travels as a way to ground, and keep curious minds focused on long flights. You can say the affirmations aloud or encourage your child to read them to themselves while looking in the mirror — a very powerful technique. Discussing the affirmations as a family, opens the option to elaborate on a topic explain further or share your own experience, creating a safe and comfortable space to elaborate on a topic, explain further or share one’s own experience. Create your own ritual with your Kids Positive Affirmation Deck and share it with us!

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I set a dozen or so of these cards out for my yoga kids to choose from at the end of class, so I don't have a favorite. The kids always want one - I'm on my third box (one from Amazon and two from this site) and will keep purchasing boxes as long as the kids are excited about choosing a card ... it could be a lot of boxes considering there are 52 cards in a box and the kids are collecting them! I like the messages and pictures that go with them. Apparently the kids are finding messages they can relate to!

LOVE these !!!

These are beautiful messages to read with your kiddos at any age. I bought them to use with my son who hasn’t turned two yet. And intend to use them to create good habits for positive self talk and affirmation. The art work is engaging and gorgeous! You won’t regret the purchase. I’ve also been using them to gift to other kids on their birthdays and the parents have been loving them too!

Proud to share with my son

Very proud to share these amazing words with my son multiple times a day! Always filling his head with the best and most kind words, AND visuals!

Xmas gift for my daughter

I've seen these cards on Instagram and have been waiting for a while to snag some. Took advantage of the black Friday sale and got a pack for my 8 year old daughter. I know she's going to love them. Thank you!!