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 Renegade Mamas Lauren Tannehill and Shayna Sharke

When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens. Lauren Tannehill and Shayna Sharke, combine their passions of creating art and  sharing their inner voices to empowering women across the globe. Renegade Mama, established in 2014, offers affirmation cards that cultivate a deep connection to self.

After a traumatic first birth experience, artist and mother Lauren Tannehill was seeking comfort and strength. Going into her second and third births,
she created her own empowering affirmation cards to reduce fears and help her maintain focus during labor. And from here, Renegade Mama was born. Being an artist, Lauren had a challenging time navigating the professional side of the business and that was when she invited Shayna to join her passion project!  Big hearted designer, and mother of two, 
Shayna Sharke, was craving a more impactful way to channel a guiding inner voice while exploring her own creativity. Lauren and Shayna lived across the street from each other and always had a special connection as they held space for one another while navigating life as parents! They make a powerful team! While supporting each other through the daily reality of modern society and raising a respectful and connected family, their intention blossomed as they developed five Affirmation Card Decks, each with 52 practical affirmations and beautiful hand painted artwork taken from their own experience, intuition, and community.