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This Postpartum Support Deck offers 52 inspiring affirmation cards {created by Mothers} that beautifully illustrate inspiring and relatable messages to support a new mother, both emotionally and physically. The first few years navigating motherhood can be challenging in many ways..The Postpartum Support Deck encourages nursing, self care and bonding with baby. Every Mama deserves to feel supported as she transitions into Motherhood. Each vibrant card is a practical tool and this beautiful deck makes a thoughtful gift for first-time mothers or a mother to many.

The 3.5” x 5.75" cards are a convenient size for placing around your home, car, baby’s nursery, or anywhere you will see them often. Spread support by offering some to friends and family. Meditate on a different card each morning to bring its loving and affirming energy into your day.

Affirmation cards are scientifically proven to help reprogram and rewire negative thoughts in the brain and reaffirm positive and helpful thoughts to cultivate contentment in life.

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So perfect!

My friends are new mamas and I gifted them these lovely postpartum cards. They said they were so perfect and just what they needed to hear.

Much needed

These cards make me feel better about myself everyday. I put them on a mirror or place that I see often and make sure to read them aloud as well as in my head over and over. The artwork is beyond beautiful!

My wife LOVED these cards!!

Any conscious parent knows how intense, taxing and extremely rewarding the postpartum experience can be on a mother. My wife was no exception. These cards where a shining light for her on tough days making her feel powerful and loved. Thank you Renegade Mama for making such a heartfelt, thoughtful product for new moms! I am very grateful :)