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The Mindful Parenting Affirmation Deck offers 52 beautifully hand illustrated and meaningful messages designed to bring mindfulness and consciousness to parents and caregivers.

Nurturing and supporting parents as they break through limitations to be the parents they know they can be, with messages that encourage a respectful connection to yourself and your child. The Mindful Parenting Affirmation Deck is full of practical tools and useful phrases that inspire raising confident, well loved children.  The struggle of keeping your calm in moments of big emotions can be trying. Affirmation cards are scientifically proven to help reprogram and rewire negative patterns in the brain and reaffirm positive and helpful thoughts to cultivate contentment in life.

The 3.5” x 5.75” cards are a convenient size to decorate your home, car, workplace or anywhere you will see them often.


Customer Reviews

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Jessica B.
Beautiful deck

This deck is so beautiful. I plan on hanging them around the house as reminders for us, & to say aloud, every time we walk past.
Mama made & mama approved ✅ 🙏💗

stephanie C.

Affirmation cards have been my go two since my first babe was born. Now with two babies, one being a toddler now, I found myself turning to our cards everyday. The Mindful Parenting deck is the perfect addition to my tools as a mama to two! Love sharing these with my spouse!

Brittany C.
Great deck!

I love them and share them with my parenting group every week! Equanimity is spelled wrong in the deck though.


These cards are worth every penny! Say them out loud and often! Very proud to share these with my family!