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Birth Bullying

While browsing through my Facebook page this morning I came across an all to relatable story about a women named Caroline Malatesta (pictured above- 2016). A little flame I hold inside me instantly turned into a a raging fire! I too have been a victim of abuse at my first birth. It was a home birth transfer in Encinitas, Southern California. My midwives at the time were not supportive or very unclear about what I wanted them to communicate for me and a poor choice on my end! Which is a story for a different blog post! Once we got to the hospital I was threatened by the female OB delivery doctor when her first words to me were “you need to make this quick, I need to be somewhere” (as she rolled her eyes that it was a bad thing that I tried for a home birth). Which quickly followed with a c-section threat, and then a episiotomy that was pushed as she didn’t have the time to allow me to birth my 10lb (first child) on my back. I was scared and tired and had fetal monitors all over my stomach in which I could feel every "ping" hit my child and bounce back. Remember I kept asking for the nurses to take the monitors off because they hurt so bad.  I popped so many blood vessels in my eyes trying to push her out that my eyes were stained red for weeks after. A slew of other things that I later have reviewed and revisited in attempts to heal in my later births. I was (I felt like) a destroyed woman that caused physical and emotional pain for years after. FUCK THAT!!! HELL NO!! This is how Renegade Mama was born! This is why I feel so passionate about affirmation cards and how they can help us heal! I have made it my personal goal to to EMPOWER WOMEN!💪🏽 Because we run the world! Because we deserve to be treated like a goddess, with RESPECT. Empower yourself! Be prepared for your birth! Do the research! Do it for you, do it for your vagina, do it for the evolution of women who will come after you, do it for your children, for your grandkids! We as women have beautiful gifts of intuition- it’s time SiStars!!  Empowerment for the Future!!! Thank you for being here and listening! LOVE! Lauren

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