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Creating Space

With four people with four different interests, there is a lot of stuff around and places in the house where I don’t focus my energy (too much). I do find it important to have a space for just me. A space where the kids know not to mess with, a place for my most beloved treasures.  You could call it a shrine, a sanctuary, a zen den, or a side table in a corner. Use whatever you’ve got. 

My corner is where I display the crystals that are charging me, the essential oils that are jiving with my energy, a small house plant that I haven’t killed yet (Lauren hooked me up a long time ago with some philodendron - I had to google the name - and I’m proud to say it’s still going strong!) and my Affirmation Cards. 

This space is where I go in the morning just to sit for 5 minutes, read an affirmation or two, set and intention for the day and just be still before the routine picks up. 

Here are 4 tips for creating your is space:

1). Use what you have.  Fill your space with the things that you LOVE and that light you up. You don’t have to go out and buy a Buddha statue to have a peaceful space.

2.)  Tuck away as much as you can. If you have the space, try to find a quiet area where you can just be for a minute.  A place where you can steal just a second for yourself. 

3.)  Give everyone else their space too.  Everyone in your family should have a space to keep their special belongings. Communicate why it’s an important value in your family and respect each other’s space.

4.)  Keep it relevant. Pay attention to the things that are speaking to you and what isn’t serving you anymore. Update your space when it’s feeling stagnant.

Have fun with it and create a space that’s uniquely YOU!



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