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Holding Space

Holding Space

Last week was a tough week. Being a Mom is hard. Wait, scratch that- being a woman who is striving for balance with a successful family life, work life, social life, surfing and riding horses, oh and connection to spirit. All of that isn't too much to ask right?.  Can you see why now- I LOVE affirmation cards!? Deep breath and call a sistar!  


  1. you're ride or die

  2. a woman you love like a natural born sister

  3. someone who loves and accepts you in all your crazy shit you get yourself into

  4. a woman who HOLDS SPACE while you are feeling sad, crazy, or raging

I feel so blessed being able to talk to my sistars about all of these things and finding a space of gratitude and seriously... How therapeutic is it to confess your own trauma and have someone sigh at your lack of individuality. We are all feeling it. We all have highs and lows and that IS the natural flow of life. Holding space is giving a hug to someone when you're 750 miles away. Once I make it through the week apologizing to my kids, husband, and business partner for totally and completely sucking, I forgive myself and move on.

Cheers SiStars! To lack of individuality of craziness.

Sending LOVE, Lauren Tannehill


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