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Renegade Mama: Ashley Comer

We are so excited to have had a moment with inspirational Renegade Mama Ashley Comer @thatbohemianmama, where she shares wisdom on motherhood, connection with family, and quotes to live by. 

Elise: Hi beauty! We are so excited to interview you and share your wisdom via our blog. Thank you for taking the time to connect with us!

Let’s begin with sharing a little bit about you. I’m not sure if it’s possible, because you are so wonderful in so many ways, but could you sum up who you are and what you are passionate about for us?


Ashley: (You are too sweet!!!) Oh man. That IS hard! I have found myself in so many ways since motherhood. And continue to do so! 

I’m a home birth mama to 3, only 2 of which are earth side! I married my “high school sweetheart” and after living the military lifestyle, we have planted our roots & are working on our little homestead! I am passionate about empowering parents to make informed decisions about their own selves & their children- heavily focusing on birth. I’m a trained birth doula & photographer. I live to shine the light of Jesus & am strong in my faith! I strive to radiate kindness wherever I go, and to whom ever I speak to.

Elise: Beautiful! What a strong woman! Thank you for shining your truth, you absolutely radiate kindness. That’s what we adore about you!

What are your favorite ways to connect with your babes, and how do you navigate big emotions within yourself and your family? Any tips or tools?


Ashley:  Connecting through touch, words, and FOOD! Touch is so important. I believe it transfers energy from one to another. Through nursing, I have found that be even more true! Through words, I feel we can shape our littles minds & hearts. Words are so powerful (insert children’s affirmation deck!) and when we are told something often, we believe it. And food through fueling our bodies with foods Mother Earth herself gives us. Cooking together is so fun! Eating good, nourishing foods is so good for our minds & bodies. To eat what we have prepared in love & intention FILLS my heart.

Navigating big emotions- empathy. empathy. empathy. Reminding myself that it is my job to not join in on my child’s chaos, but share calm (& reminding myself that I am in CHARGE of being calm, no matter my child’s behavior.) and also reminding myself that often times, children are doing the best they can with what they know how. Lots of reaffirming & reminders. Empathy has certainly been the drive & the theme 

Elise: Yes yes yes to all of this! Taking notes over here! Your words are deep wisdom that other parents can lean into! 

What are you WOmanifesting in your life, and how can others support you in realizing your dream? 


Ashley:  I am doing my best to raise an empowered generation. To ask questions. To break the rules. To listen to their intuition. To help others. It is so important to me to do just that, and LOVE myself & those around me so hard! I want to make a difference, if only in one persons life. Those are my dreams & manifestations! —- moms supporting moms. Women supporting women. THAT is how I can feel supported. We are all doing our best, and leaving room to grow!

Elise: Sister, you are such a light! We’re onboard with that energy through and through! 

In a highly digital world, inspiration can come from so many sources. Will you share with us your favorite Instagram accounts to follow, and any other women in your life who empower you to shine your truth? 


Ashley: You are so kind!


@laurentannehillart (I don’t mean to sound cliche? But she’s been killing it lately! lol)




I feel they have all encouraged my heart, multiple times, in one way or another! 

You really do find your tribe out there!


Elise: Oh, what a list!! Can’t wait to spend some time checking these out! And yes, Lauren (The Renegade Mama Founder) inspires SO many, she’s a powerhouse Goddess!

Sister, we feel like your words here are all so quotable, because your inner voice is heavenly and divine..Thank you for sharing your heart so openly. 

Will you leave us with a quote, phrase, or some words that have uplifted YOU throughout your life? 


Ashley: “The days are long, the years are short, the impact is eternal!”

That, I believe, can be applied to ANYTHING in this life! Our work, the energy we pour is so valuable. It’s far deeper than we know!

Elise: Wow, what a quote! Honored to share this precious and exciting time in herstory with you!! 

We look forward to witnessing you in all that you do. Thank you again for taking the time to connect and share your light, Ashley! Blessed we are! 

Head over to instagram to connect with Ashley, see her sweet family and give her a follow! We cannot wait to feature more Renegade Mama's here on the blog, so stay tuned! 


Elise Nicole 

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